Nikobaby out of mineski, kpii and ninjaboogie to follow?
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Nikobaby out of Mineski, kpii and ninjaboogie to follow?

UPDATE: Both ninjaboogie and ragingpotato have also Tweeted ‘LFT’, confirming that all 3 members of Mineski are no longer with the org. No official update regarding kpii, yet…

Well, it’s that time of the year- The Post TI shuffle. The International 2019 has barely finished, but there’s already plenty of rumors already circulating from every region. Perhaps the most interesting ones are from the Mineski camp. Mineski appear to be rebuilding their team after their disappointing 9th-12th finish at TI9. This follows a disappointing DPC season that saw Ahjit kicked for Nikobaby only 1 week before Mineski were due to compete in the SEA Regional Qualifiers for TI9.

First up is Nikobaby, who looked at home as Mineski’s carry at TI9. Despite his solid performances, it appears as of Nikobaby is no longer part of Mineski as he recently Tweeted ‘LFT’. It’s not clear whether Nikobaby left Mineski or was kicked, but as there’s potentially 2 more players who have been kicked then it’s fair to assume he was kicked.

Following Nikobaby out the door are both kpii and their captain, ninjaboogie. These are less reliable rumors but when there’s smoke, there’s fire. This would be a huge shake up for Mineski, but one could argue a much needed shake up.

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