Ninjas in pyjamas confirm new dota 2 roster
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Ninjas in Pyjamas confirm new Dota 2 roster

Following their early exit from TI9, NiP have recently confirmed their new roster for the upcoming DPC season. There’s significant changes to their roster as only PPD remains, along side PPD is an old friend of his… oh, did I mention this old friend just happen to win TI5 with PPD?

NiP have said goodbye to Saksa, 33, Fata, and Ace, while welcoming in a blend of youth and experience- Skiter/oliver, Gunnar, Universe and Biver. Fata recently announced his new stack that also includes 33 (NikoBaby, Limmp, 33, Handsken, Fata), so it’s no suprise that their assoication with NiP has come to an end, while Saksa also confirmed his exit stating that he intends on taking a break from Dota. Rumors/news regarding Ace have been pretty quiet, but with rumors that Team Liquid have already got their new roster together we may hear something shortly.

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