Ninjas in pyjamas kick gunnar
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Ninjas in Pyjamas kick Gunnar

It’s fair to say that NiP’s results this DPC season have been disapointing, quite disappointing when you take into consideration that they moved to the lesser-competitive NA region in hopes to boost their results. Today NiP have not only announced that they’re returning to EU, but have also released their carry Gunnar and plan to begin auditionings for his replaced.

Since the signing of our new Dota2 roster, the results have not been what we hoped them to be in any of the tournaments we attended and therefore we’re making the changes needed to turn this ship around.” In an official statement released by NiP.

Gunnar joins former member Skiter (Oliver), who was kicked late last year. The question needs to be answered, following the failed attempts to qualify for the last two majors in two different regions, is the problem deeper than a couple of young core players?

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