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Nintendo Announces New Paper Mario The Origami King

Today, Nintendo announced Paper Mario The Origami King, the sixth game in the Paper Mario series, and the first to be available on Nintendo Switch. The biggest surprise of the announcement is the games release date of July 17th. With news of games being delayed almost daily, it’s a refreshing surprise that a new game has been announced and is coming out so soon.

This time Mario is teaming up with a new origami companion named “Olivia” who immediately reminded me of Cappy the anthropomorphic hat from Super Mario Odyssey. I hope that like Cappy, this new character will add a mechanic or maybe even a co-op option to the game. Beyond the characters shown in the trailer, Nintendo also revealed that the game would have a new battle system, unlike others in the series. The new system was referred to as a “Ring Battle System that requires both puzzle-solving skills and quick wit.”

Nintendo announces new paper mario the origami king
New ring battle system.

From what I can see, it looks like a refreshing new take on turn-based combat. Outside of combat Paper Mario the Origami King also introduces the 1,000-Fold Arms ability. This ability will allow Mario to extend his arms to interact with puzzles in the environment. From the look of the trailer, the 1,000-Fold Arms will be used consistently throughout the game in many different variations. 

Nintendo announces new paper mario the origami king
1,000 arms ability.

The brief scenes of Mario traveling by car and boat piqued my interest the most from the trailer. The use of vehicles leads me to believe that the game world will be grand in scale and have numerous varying environments to explore. There were also moments of platforming and multiple puzzles shown in the trailer.

Combined with the vehicles, this leads me to believe the campaign will be longer than other Paper Mario titles. The biggest question I think we all have is, “What does the Samus helmet mean at the end of the trailer??” I hope it’s a hint that there will be Metroid related news soon, but I would be happy with it just being an Easter egg in the game as well. Only time will tell, take a look at the full announcement from Nintendo here.

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