Nomadic survival mmo ‘last oasis’ hitting steam's early access this spring
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Nomadic Survival MMO ‘Last Oasis’ hitting Steam’s Early Access this spring

Set thousands of years in the future, Donkey Crew’s upcoming Clan-based Nomadic Survival MMO Last Oasis is looking extremely promising. In a flooded MMO market, Last Oasis is a breath of fresh air with a darker, post-apocalyptic clan-based approach with their Nomadic Survival MMO.

Post-apocalyptic Star Wars?

“In Last Oasis, Clan Warfare fuels the economy, the economy encourages traders, traders encourage piracy, pirates encourage mercenaries…” said Florian Hofreither, Project Lead. “Everything is designed to be interconnected, players affect other players with their actions, often without even knowing it. This leads to a meaningful, evolving world and real player-driven stories.”

It gets better, Last Oasis is all about building big bad-ass walking ships, think AT-AT for all you Star Wars fans. Walkers, as they’re known as in this universe, are large woodpunk inspired ship-like machines that serve a purpose for travelling, combat, base building and harvesting resources to upgrade your AT-AT, I mean Walker. There’s a reason why you must build your Walker, the Earth has stopped rotating and the scorching Sun is baring down on humanity. You must explore and discover new lands. But must of all, stay the fuck away from the sun!

Nomadic survival mmo ‘last oasis’ hitting steam's early access this spring
The wife is going to kill me!

As with most MMO’s, get your buddies on board and expand your clan, build alliances and watch your back, global war is ever present. No official release date has been announced other than spring 2019, expect Donkey Crew to announce this within the coming weeks.

For more details, head over to Steam for this promising MMO.

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