Og defeat team liquid to win the international 2019
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OG defeat Team Liquid to win The International 2019

OG have again proved they’re the best team in the world by defeating Team Liquid 3-1 and claimed their 2nd Aegis of Champions in as many years. OG have created history by not only being the first team to win mulitple TI tournaments, but by also being the first team to win back-to-back TI’s- A feat that I’m sure we won’t see again for along time.

Og defeat team liquid to win the international 2019
Credit- Wykrhm Reddy

OG were dominating throughout the tournament, topping Group B in the group stage and powering their way through the upper bracket and into the grand final where a possible TI8 grand final rematch against PSG.LGD (who they previously defeated in the upper bracket) or the TI7 champions awaited them. Liquid were able to knock out hometown favorites PSG.LGD 2-1 and and move into the grand final against OG. Here, history was made- There would be a two-time International winner by the end of the way, the only question was who would it be?

Game 1 saw OG neglect the power of w33po Meepo as Liquid picked up the hero with the last pick of the draft. Despite a strong showing from OG, w33’s Meepo was too much, even for ana’s Spectre. Game 1 to Liquid.

This was the beginning of the end for Liquid, Games 2 saw Liquid stick to their guns by drafting comfort picks for their mid and offlanes- Tidehunter and Templar Assassin. This is where some excellent drafting by OG enabled Topson to show why OG took a gamble on him last year. In game 2 Topson’s Monkey King absolutely crushed w33’s TA, this was backed by OG’s ruthless aggression of constant 5 man teamfighting and never allowing any of the Liqud cores to farm. This lead to 40 kills in just over 30 mins of Dota, Game 2 to OG.

Game 3 was basically a mimic of Game 2- Tide and TA again picked up by Liquid. While OG again forced Liquid to feed them kills with their aggression, forcing Liquid back to their base with little farm while Topson’s Pugna was as good as you’ll ever see. This was even more one-sided than Game 2 as OG netted 36 kills in just over 20 mins of play, Game 3 to OG.

Og defeat team liquid to win the international 2019
credit- OG Fan Account Twitter

Liquid needed to do something different, this was obvious. But what wasn’t as obvious was why Liquid had abandoned their pressure-tempo that was so effective against PSG.LGD only one series early. Miracle Bristleback and w33ranger had the potential to swing momentum back in Liquid’s favor. However, OG had other ideas, opening their draft with ana IO. Once drafting phase was complete, you felt Liquid were on a timer, they had to break OG before ana could hit his level 15 and Agh’s. Liquid began playing the brand of Dota that got them to the grand final, but as all good teams do, OG responded. A Diffusal pick up by Topson’s Gyro, a tanky Ceb Timbersaw and a couple of tanky supports in the way of Abaddon and Tiny were able hold Liquid off until ana was ready… and boy, it was as good as over once he was ready. Ana got his Agh’s 18 minutes into the game, 6 minutes later GG was called as OG claimed their 2nd Aegis of Champions in as many years!

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