Origin pc launches retro edition desktop! Every game, every console... Ever made?
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ORIGIN PC Launches RETRO Edition Desktop! Every Game, Every Console… Ever made?

Finally someone has stepped up with an all-in-one gaming desktop solution. Putting an end to buying the wrong console, regretting a game purchase or even playing that beloved childhood game once again. ORIGIN PC has revealed the all-new special edition of their BIG O hybrid gaming desktop, the ORIGIN PC RetrO.

The new RetrO desktop is the ultimate gaming PC ever built using futuristic hardware combined with every console ever released, every arcade machine ever released, every PC game ever released, every board game ever released, and basically every game ever released! The RetrO is poised to be the most complete entertainment experience ever made and also the heaviest system ever built.

Informational trailer…

“We created the first BIG O in 2009 with one console, the 10 year anniversary BIG O last year with three consoles, so it was only natural that this year we raced to the finish line and built a BIG O with every freaking game ever made,” said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and Co-Founder, “PC gamers, console gamers, board game players, and all gamers of every kind can finally stop talking about which is the best system and instead just get every game system and every game in one single machine from ORIGN PC, the RetrO.”

Origin pc launches retro edition desktop! Every game, every console... Ever made?
Seems so simple, should have been done years ago.

Now if you haven’t already started to question reality well its April and ORIGIN PC have executed a very well planed Aprils fools joke!

The RetrO is available now, but price and how to order seem to be a bit of mystery. So I suggest heading over to the Origin PC Website to find out all the details.

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