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Outward DLC The Soroboreans Available Today

The Outward DLC The Soroboreans is bringing more adventure

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots Studio have just announced the new DLC for their open-world RPG Outward. The DLC titled “The Soroboreans” was also accompanied by its very own launch trailer that you can check out below.

I’m amazed that there are still so many people enjoying Outward more than a year after release. We can’t wait to see how our work will be received by the most dedicated players. I love hearing the players stories that emerge of both their defeat and victories.” said Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO of Nine Dots Studio

The DLC will bring in new skills, new enemies, enchantments and more, “The Soroboreans” DLC is available now on Steam for anyone that is looking for a little more adventure in their life.

For more on Outward, check out our previous coverage.

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