Overwatch - new feature, replays!
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Overwatch – New Feature, Replays!

Overwatch new feature, Replay is now available on the Public Test Realm (PTR) servers.

Overwatch - new feature, replays!

The new tool will allow you watch your previous matches from any vantage point. Be it first-person, third-person, or a bird’s-eye view.

Replay will give players A new way to review gameplay by slowing down or speeding up the game. Finding that critical moment or geting a better view of the action, with or without the UI.

Overwatch - new feature, replays!

The Replays feature is currently available on the PTR for PC only, but will be coming to consoles soon.

Available Replays are found in your Player Profile under the Replays tab. There you’ll be able to load up your 10 most recent matches in all game modes .

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