Overwatch - patch 1. 41 d. Va bomb of changes to hit
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Overwatch – Patch 1.41 D.Va Bomb of changes to Hit

A new Overwatch patch is in development and is now available for testing in the PTR servers. 13 Heros are on the operating table with the patch making changes across the board. Patch 1.41 is also a remaster and will require a large download for all platforms.

Overwatch - patch 1. 41 d. Va bomb of changes to hit

Focus from Blizzard is on Sigma, Overwatch’s latest Hero. His Kinetic Grasp will no longer blocks Chain Hooks and Whip Shots. Gravitic Flux – High gravity effect duration reduced from 1.2 to 0.9 seconds and multiple changes for the Experimental Barrier.

The Patch will also affect D.Va, Orisa, Roadhog, Winston, Baptiste, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, Doomfist, Sombra, Symmetra and Tracer. Nerfs and buffs while may seem small but overall with have an impact on the game. Various bug fix’s and game updates will also happen.

For a full list of changes check out the official post over at Blizzard.

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