Overwatch patch 1. 45 is on it's way
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Overwatch Patch 1.45 is on it’s way

Today Overwatch released a Developers update with Jeff Kaplan outlining some major content coming in the next patch update 1.45 in early February. Below you can check out a video of the developer update or read on for a few changes that are coming to Overwatch.

Experimental Card

A new feature called the Experimental card which will a be available in the main menu and it’s pretty much for the Developers to play with a few ideas that may or may not be apart of the game. Essentially this will be used for experimenting with balance updates, game modes, or changes to rules that are being investigated. This car will also be available on console.

Hero Pools

During Season 21, we will see a new system called Hero Pools, where a few heroes will be disabled from Competitive Play for a given week and each week will see a new pool of heroes. This again is just a test and they may not continue with this in the next season, but it is rather a way of trying to keep the game feeling ‘fresh’. The selection of heroes will be curated by the design team, rather than random assortment chosen by algorithm.

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