Paper mario: the origami king on nintendo switch soon!
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Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch Soon!

In the most recent trailer, Nintendo revealed additional information on the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King game, launching on July 17 for the Nintendo Switch.

Villainous Oragami King Olly has stolen Peach’s Castle in a devious plot to fold the world! Luckily, Mario has the help of King Olly’s sister, Olivia, and her quick wit to help Mario untie the massive streamers binding the castle. A variety of characters will join the duo on their adventure, such as the Bob-omb who’s lost his memory, a Toad professor of ancient history, and Kamek, the mischevious Magikoopa. Some of these unlikely allies might even help out in battle.

Paper mario the origami king
Paper mario: the origami king on nintendo switch soon! 1

Paper Mario: The Origami King’s new ring-based battle system requires strategy and quick thinking. Line up enemies to execute well-timed attacks and maximize damage. Players will decide when to stomp enemies with Mario’s boots, when to whack ’em with a hammer and how to strategically use items to heal or attack.

Mario will also face his most intimidating foes in ring battles against the Legion of Stationery. Evil bosses themed after such sinister office supplies as colored pencils, sticky tape, or rubber bands. Don’t be deceived by their appearances, these foes supply a fearsome challenge for Mario and his friends. Not to fear, an audience of cheering Toads are ready to pitch in with helpful battle aids when Mario is in too much trouble

Mario’s journey will lead him through a wide variety of captivating environments such as ancient ruins, or even a game show! Expect to explore numerous vibrant locations like underground sewers, raging rapids, or a ninja-filled mansion that will challenge even the most fierce combatants.

Besides the main quest, players can expect to help Mario with many other activities. Mario will investigate suspicious spots and uncover hidden items, repair holes in the landscape with confetti, and discover loads of Toads hiding in the scenery. Play mini-games and more on your way to reveal an abundance of secrets and treasures.

Paper mario: the origami king on nintendo switch soon!
Paper mario: the origami king on nintendo switch soon! 2

Join Mario, and Olivia on July 17, for a comedy-filled adventure to try to stop the origami menace!

Paper Mario: The Origami King is now available for pre-order at select retailers at a suggested retail price of $59.99 and available for pre-purchase in Nintendo eShop and on

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