Path of Exile: Legion - Details and release date
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Path of Exile: Legion – Details and release date

For those of you who are familiar with Path of Exile you will know the development schedule is relentless. Every 3 months the Grinding Gear Games team will release a new challenge league along with a tonne of updates for the core game and its mechanics. The upcoming Legion league will see you dropped smack bang into the middle of an ancient war. See the official Trailer below:

The current challenge league Synthesis was well hyped but ultimately was not well received by the community. After some patching and balance changes based on community feedback, the mechanics do feel good, however this is a little too late as the league will soon end. The GGG team have stated that Synthesis will not make it not the core game for now. Many players felt that the mechanic was too involved, and with the already crowded endgame in Path of Exile, the Synthesis encounters often felt like they were taking you away from what you wanted to do and therefore ended up being skipped. As usual the very sharp GGG team have listened to the feedback and the upcoming Legion league had a more simple risk vs. Reward focus.

In Legion you will encounter Monoliths scattered around Wraeclast. When you activate one of these Monoliths an encounter between 2 warring Legions (Hence the name) will be spawned around you. You will have a short time to explore the battle and unlock the enemies you wish to fight by attacking them. Once your timer expires the battle will begin and everything you have unlocked will now try to kill you, because you deserve it for some reason.

Path of Exile: Legion - Details and release date

Enemies in these encounters will drop loot for you to collect and some specially tagged enemies will drop more specific items like unique armour or weapons. You will also be rewarded with Legion splinters for one of the 5 legions. Once you have collected enough splinters you will be able to combine them into an emblem. Using 2 different emblems in your map device will create a portal to a larger end game style battle between those 2 factions. Knowing how Path of Exile players enjoy punishment you can if you dare, add another 1 or 2 emblems and have up to a 4 way battle. If you really enjoy being tied up and whipped you can unlock an upgraded map device with a secret challenge and go for a full 5 way battle of epic proportions.

Path of Exile: Legion - Details and release date

Do you like loot? Well so do GGG. There will be more interesting items to find and explore, updates to older unique items and even a new item type called incubators. These incubators can be applied to all items slots and will provide a reward once the incubation bar has been filled. You will fill your incubator bar by killing everything in sight and be showered with amazing rewards, or frustrated by those pesky scrolls, either way it will be something to play with and look forward to.

As usual there will be bosses, loot, story and much much more for you to explore with the Legion content. Not being satisfied with just creating band new challenges and content every 3 months or so, the GGG team have also reworked the entire melee combat system and all of the melee skills. They have addressed damage, timing, animations and movement to try and make the game feel better and the melee combat system much smoother and more enjoyable. Last time around they worked on spells and boy did that make a difference, so expect big things from the melee changes.

The Legion league will launch on June 7th and you can find a countdown timer on the official page here. The Path of Exile team is well known for their community engagement and interactions so you can be sure that the community manager Bex and the rest of the team will be getting that hype-train rolling before launch day with teasers, hints and maybe the occasional troll.

How do you feel about the Legion announcement and the Melee balance changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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