Pax aus 2019 - biggest yet!
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PAX AUS 2019 – Biggest YET!

Get ready Melbourne because Australia’s biggest gaming convention PAX is almost here and MEF TECH is already frothing at the mouth just thinking of all the gaming, tech and cosplay coming to the Melbourne Convention Centre on October 11th – 13th.

Pax aus 2019 - biggest yet!

What is PAX exactly? well, PAX is a festival for gamers to celebrate everything to do with gaming and gaming culture. First held in Seattle in 2004 PAX, instantly hit a high note with all gamers alike and brought game publishers closer than ever to their fans! PAX soon took off quicker than me when buying a round of beers, expanding with a second show in Boston in 2010 and a third in San Antonio in 2015, making it one of the largest gaming shows in North America. The first international PAX was held in Melbourne 2013, and has since become Australia’s largest gaming festival with gamers all over Australia flocking to it harder than Shaun Grimley to a buffet breakfast bar!

With over three days of gaming culture to bath in, PAX attendees can indulge over panels, live performances, tournaments, the Omegathon, PAX Rising, PAX Arena, tabletop freeplay, PC, handheld and console areas, Indie showcase, PAX XP, cosplay, pin trading and more.

Pax aus 2019 - biggest yet!

If you haven’t noticed, we can’t wait for PAX and here’s why- Blizzard, PlayStation, Bungie, 2K, XBOX, Razer, Nintendo, Alienware, Redbull, Sledgehammer Gamers, Ubisoft and Bethesda are all coming to PAX Australia. This means games such as Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Luigi’s Mansion 3 will all be appearing at PAX. Not to mention some of the best Indie Dev’s will be showcasing some of their releases, all this combined means there’s something for everyone… and a lot for MEF TECH.

Pax aus 2019 - biggest yet!

There’s less than two weeks until PAX kicks off, will we see you there? We hope so! We’d love to have a chat, let you buy us beers and let the festivities begin!

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