Paxaus 2019 - zqracing v6 racer series gaming chair first impression
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PAXAUS 2019 – ZQRACING V6 Racer Series Gaming Chair First Impression

Today MEF TECH had the opportunity to check out the range of chairs from ZQRACING at PAXAUS. ZQRACING are slightly different from the abundance of chair manufactures currently in the market as they hold ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality as their focus, with ergonomics being the key word. This sets ZQRACING apart from other players in the chair industry and we were interested to find out if this was just a clever marketing slogan, or if ZQRACING were true to the word and more importantly, their values. As Chris was behind the camera and Shaun was too busy staring at Ben’s shirt, I was left to pick a chair that would suit my small, yet ample frame- Enter the V6 Racer Series. Let’s take a look at my first impressions of this sexy looking chair.

First up, I chose this chair based on two things- Sex appeal and specifications because let’s be honest, Australian’s are clever buyers and like to research our products before opening our wallets. As my wallet is usually empty and I like a firm feel to my chairs, I felt that the V6 Racer Series was fantastic value for money, at least on paper. ZQRACING categorize their chairs in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and 3 comfort indexes (plush, medium and firm). I’m not the smartest man around, but even I was able to match up to the correct sizing and comfort for myself (I’m about 175cm-85KGS), and do you know what? The small size fitted me like a glove!

From the moment my ass hit the leather there was quite a comfortable feel about it, you do sink in despite its firm rating, but not enough to fall asleep in. Once the V6 adjusted itself to my rump, I was locked in and ready for a 10-hour gaming marathon. The height of the chair is adjustable and also features a fully reclining backrest (85 to 165 degrees as I later found out), this allowed me to quickly set up the chair for my height. During this time, I did notice that there was no horizontal adjustment on the arm rests, but that’s where ZQRACING’s diverse catalogue encourages you to spend a bit more money and treat yourself with a more expensive model.

One aspect I am quite fussy with in regards to chair selection is cushions. My two key features are comfy and removable cushions. Thankfully, the V6 included both removable lumbar and neck cushions as standard. They were slightly on the firm side, but as the comfort index for this chair was firm, this was expected.

It’s hard to gauge a chairs durability during a first impression, but from a visual inspect the V6 appeared to be built to a very high standard. How will the V6 hold up over time? I can’t truthfully answer that. But as the V6 has passed every other test of their values with flying colors, I can confidently say that the V6 would survive many, many years of throwing my butt all around it playing Rocket League and swearing profanities at my screen.

Paxaus 2019 - zqracing v6 racer series gaming chair first impression
Sleeping on the job!

The RRP of the V6 Series is $419AUD ($285USD), which is a reasonable price for a high-quality, base model gaming chat. The V6 is available in 6 different colors and if you were at AUSPAX, you could have got yourself a bargain at $299AUD ($203USD).

If you’re in the market for a new chair, I can highly recommend checking out V6 Racer Series as its great value for money. ZQRACING’s range of chairs will blow your mind, they manufacture not only gaming chairs but also office and home chairs. I suggest you check out their website if you are in the market to treat your ass to something special!

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