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Payday 2 is free for the weekend

The ream at Starbreeze studios have had a very challenging year to say the least, at one stage I thought they had shut up shop, but thankfully, I was wrong. Now to help drive in a little bit more cash, the studio has turned back to Payday 2 and have now released a new premium DLC ‘The Silk Road’. Ofcourse things get even better, because this weekend they are also letting players jump into Payday 2 for free this weekend via Steam.

The border crossing heist will see players head to each side of the border in the US and Mexico, as your gang takes on old rivals Murkywater and the Dentist. The heist comes in to different types with the Border Crossing and the Border Crystal being a bit smaller. The heist can be played either guns blazing or stealth, you decide.

On top of this players can expect a whole new set of outfits up for grabs, 6 to be exact, which I also assume will have a lot of new funky masks for you to slap on. You can play Payday 2 for free this weekend on Steam you tell your gang and get your guns ready!

Jimmy Lindsay

Written by Jimmy Lindsay

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