Monopoly on pc free from april 21-27
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Play Monopoly On PC Free From April 21-27

Isolation is perfect for digital Monopoly!

You ever wanted to play Monopoly but just hate the sight of board games that much that it will never happen? well today you are in luck because now you can play a virtual board game of it for free on Uplay. Play locally or online, so you can team up and kick all your friends butts while stuck in boring old isolation! But be quick, because after April 27 if you want to keep playing you are going to have to purchase it.

Ubisoft is offering alot of free games, trials, and discounts as part of the global efforts to encourage you to stay the hell home and stop spreading COVID-19. so do it! You can claim your free trial and check out other offers at

Monopoly is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. For more information on all Ubisoft games, visit the Ubisoft News hub. If you want to check out our previous coverage on Monopoly click here.

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