Playstation 5 revealed along with numerous new games!
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PlayStation 5 Revealed Along With Numerous New Games!

The moment has finally come! Both next-gen consoles have now been revealed, and all that’s left is pricing and exact release dates. Sony Today unveiled the PlayStation 5 console and several accessories along with it. The new design is striking and much different than any PlayStation has had before.

Like Xbox, the new PS5 will offer 2 SKUs at launch, one with a disc drive and a more slim all-digital option. No information was given on the size of the SSD’s in the consoles, but I would assume there may be even more versions with different storage space and price points.

Details on the new controller were also expanded on. It will feature Haptic Feedback, Motion Sensors, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone on each controller. Other accessories such as a camera and wireless headset were shown, but no specific details were given for either. A literal TON of games got announced, below I’ll have a full list available, and I highlighted a few that really stuck out to me.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

One of my favorite franchises from the PS2 era, Ratchet and Clank, looks back in full fashion. The new game offered a look into the power of the PS5 with its new mechanic of Rift jumping. This will see players jumping from highly detailed world to world seamlessly, all while using a massive arsenal of wacky weapons typical of Ratchet and Clank.

Playstation 5 revealed along with numerous new games!
Playstation 5 revealed along with numerous new games! 1


I’m not sure if what we saw from stray was gameplay, but either way, I’m sold. The game looks to set players as a stray cat with the cutest backpack I’ve ever seen and have them explore a dystopian world where there are no humans, only robots. The art style was beyond vibrant, and I can not wait to see more from this game. I’m calling it right now. Stray is my game of the year 2021!!

Playstation 5 revealed along with numerous new games!
Playstation 5 revealed along with numerous new games! 2

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

From Emberlab, a team mainly composed of former cinematographers, Kena: Bridge of Spirits immediately caught my eye. Masterful camera angles and scene composition gave the trailer an incredibly immersive element.

Gameplay appeared to be 3rd person adventure with real-time combat. Something about it made me feel like I could get lost in the game the same way I did in say Breath of the Wild.

Little Devil Inside

Not often do I laugh out loud at a game while at the same time be entirely enthralled by the game world. From the second I saw the googly-eyed hero running with his arms flapping I was sold. Giant monsters and treacherous environments are abundant in this action RPG that looks to have humor at the forefront of its story.

The gameplay appears to be 3rd person and has a number of spells, abilities, and weapon types to try. This is precisely the type of new IP that I get excited about.


From Arkane Studios and Bethesda, Deathloop looks to pit two rival assassins in competition to escape an endless loop in which both are being hunted. Gameplay reminiscent of Bioshock, or Dishonored, gave the trailer a very distinctive feel, and the game looks like Bethesda is finally on the right track again.

Not sure if the game will have a PVP focus or if players will play as both assassins, but either way, it’s a new enough concept that I’m quite excited to try it out.

Horizon: Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales

I felt I had to mention both of these games as they are arguably the ones most people will be excited about. Both sequels looked visually stunning but offered little insight into whether gameplay would be the same or have new features because of the PS5 hardware.

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to play both of these games and most likely love them. My concern is that the only difference between them and their previous console generation counterparts will be graphical fidelity and load times.

Part of the reason the first games were so successful was that they came at the end of the PS4s generation, and developers had realized the full potential of the console’s hardware. I hope these games are not rushed to be launch titles and end up having the opposite effect.

All games show today and full event below :

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS5
  • Grand Theft Auto Online free on PS5
  • Spider-Man Miles Morales
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Project Athia
  • Stray
  • Returnal
  • Sackboy: a Big Adventure
  • Destruction All-Stars
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  • Volcano High
  • Oddworld SoulStorm
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Jett the Far Shore
  • Godfall
  • Solar Ash
  • Hitman 3
  • Astros Playroom
  • Little Devil Inside
  • NBA 2k21
  • Bugsnax
  • Demon Souls
  • Deathloop
  • Resident Evil 8 Village
  • Pragmata
  • Horizon: Forbidden West

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Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi