Pubg 8. 3 update

PUBG 8.3 Update Releases Soon

PUBG 8.3 Update Releases Soon

The chicken dinners are almost finished for Season 8 and PUBG Corp are about to heat the oven up once again for PUBG Update 8.3 bringing a new item that temporarily negates Bluezone damage, a new ferry system to Erangel, two new Team Deathmatchs plus a few tweaks and quaility of life improvements. You can check out a short run down of whats to come in 8.3 our you can read the full patch notes here.

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  • Jammer Pack: To start, we are unleashing the Jammer Pack onto non-ranked Karakin and Sanhok map queues. The Jammer Pack prevents players from taking damage while inside the Blue Zone for a short time at the expense of a level 3 bag slot. Each pack’s energy will slowly deplete over time, but will revert to a regular backpack afterwards. The cost could definitely be worth it as that Blue Zone closes in!
  • Erangel Ferries: PUBG’s most recognisable map, Erangel, is getting a transit upgrade with Ferries from the mainland to Sosnovka Island. Each of the Ferries will stay stationed at each dock for a short amount of time prior to their arrival departure. All Aboard!
  • Misc. Gameplay Updates: Survivors will also notice the new assist system has expanded beyond Ranked Mode to track all those players who lend a helping hand. Speaking of a helping hand, we have added teammate combat indicators to help players quickly identify when a team member is in trouble.

Update 8.3 officially launches on September 16 on PC and then slides onto consoles September 24. This update is already on the PC Test Server today if you wish to jump in a test your skills in 8.3.

For more on PUBG, check out our previous coverage.

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