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PUBG is getting an 8v8 team deathmatch mode

PUBG’s latest 6.2 update is dropping soon and bringing with it a new TDM mode being added to Arcade section of the game. Team up in an 8v8 style showdown, with respawning and killing, the main priority…. no more lootin’, it’s time for shootin!
Seven small slices from the iconic Battlegrounds maps will be played including Sanhok’s docks and the Sosnovka Military Base on everyone’s favorite Erangel. Check it out below.

The basics of TDM is simple here, friendly fire is off, when you respawn you will have a timer of invulnerability and when you die, there is no reviving… your just dead and ready to respawn again! There will be a number of loadouts to choose from and the first team of eight players to reach 50 kills will feast on the chicken. If I haven’t filled you in enough get the full rundown here on their official page. Welcome to the Battlegrounds!

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