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PUBG SEASON 4 Now Live on PC

PUBG Corporation have launched PUBG Season 4 yesterday on PC Live Servers, bringing new content, a new designed map and all new features to all you chicken hungry combatants.

Pubg season 4 now live on pc

The new re-vamped map Erangel has had a massive visual overhaul, providing a new look to the classic original map. With new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain. Some parts of the map have also new altered to allow more exploring than ever before. My personal opinion, it not only looks much better but it also seems to run alot smoother, which is something PUBG needed.

  • Pubg season 4 now live on pc
  • Pubg season 4 now live on pc

With every season comes the latest Survivor Pass, this time called AFTERMATH, which is live now. Aftermath is offering unique missions and rewards to players looking to get the most out of PUBG SEASON 4. Along with new Co-Op Missions and the first ever vehicle skin called the “Red Zoned” for the UAZ. Well I hope you are hungry, so grab your knife and fork because chicken is about to be served!

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