Pubg season 6 - brings new small scale map karakin
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PUBG Season 6 – Brings new small scale map Karakin

The newest release for PUBG Season 6 is coming our way next week with Survivor Pass: Shakedown and is bringing with it a brand new map. Yes, the new update 6.1 is adding brand new 2×2 map name Karakin and is promising intense, fast paced combat and more chicken dinners than ever before.

Karakin is a 2×2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. A rocky environment that provides wide-open terrain similar to Mirimar, except smaller. So fast paced chaos like found in Sanhok. Karakin is a 64 players map which will help with the intensity a bit, but still, the chaos is what we live for.

Players should expect a bit of Kar98 action high from the mountains or enjoy mincing some books in a more close quarter conflict, either way, you choose how you want your chicken served. Karakin also has a special little treat called the Black Zone which means the maps layout changes every match due to missile strikes and falling rubble!

Pubg season 6 - brings new small scale map karakin
Karakin minimap

New breach points into buildings have been added and bullet penetration through certain walls…. great for any of those wankers using walls! The Black Zone will also be forcing players out of the safety of their buildings to avoid being crushed under the rubble of a missile strike.


Breach Points are 100% going to be a game changer and can be found on walls and certain floors, which can be destroyed with Sticky Bombs in Karakin. This feature will allow more ways to get line of sight if you are a nub camper or will be extremely useful if you bring the fight and storm the building!

You can also expect new rewards, missions, outfits, cosmetics, weapon skins… ohh and a new rocket launcher… yep, you heard that right!

Update 6.1 will launch on live servers January 22 and console live servers shortly after, so prepare the dinner table, chicken dinner is about to be served!

Check out the full details and patch notes from this link, see you in my crosshair… XOXO Jimmy ?

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