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PUBG Update 30 Is now Live so ready your squad

Get on board everyone for PUBG’s newest update 30 brings a whole lot of changes to the action along with a new amphibious vehicle to get your ass across those bridges safely! You can check out a visual rundown of the update below.

The newest weapon to the ranks, the highly loved Deagle can apparently crack a Level 3 helmet in 2 shots, but I will let you know for certain when I try it tonight! A new heavily armored assault vehicle the BRDM-2 can take you to the chicken dinner on land or under the sea, with indestructible tyres and an overall higher health. You still can’t shoot out of the windows, but you can drive where ever the hell you want with the squad yelling out “LADS LADS LADS” the whole time like the F**King legends you are!

Throw in the new ledge grab feature with explodable gas canisters and you now have an entirely new dynamic in which the battle can be won, this feature will be well welcomed by all fans new and old. For a full release of the patch notes head on over here to check them out.

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