Pubg x steelseries collection
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PUBG x SteelSeries Collection

PUBG x SteelSeries

The legends over at SteelSeries this week has announced an exclusive collaboration with three unique artists featuring some epic designs inspired by PUBG. Available for a limited-time check the three SteelSeries member-exclusive QcK Large mousepads below.

QcK Large PUBG Koma Edition

“The SoulSeller Edition mousepad features “Pop Uzi”, a bright graffiti design that contrasts the otherwise gritty world of PUBG.”

QcK Large PUBG SoulSeller Edition

“The SoulSellerEdition mousepad brings a peaceful but deadly reggae-inspired character to PUBG.”

QcK Large PUBG Jay Flow Edition

“The Jay Flow Edition mousepad celebrates the artist’s favorite part of PUBG: road tripping with your friends around the globe.”

Head over to to pickup one for your self or more on SteelSeries, check out our previous coverage.

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Written by Chris Carew

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