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PUBG’s Vikendi map is Revamped and returning

PUBG has had few changes as of late with it’s latest few updates but the biggest of these all was the introduction of its latest fast paced small island map Karakin. With this addition there had to be a subtraction, which was none other than removing Vikendi, the laggy, badly optimized snow map. Well now the time draws near were we see the return of a new and “improved” Vikendi hitting test servers this Thursday.

A small leak came out earlier this month from a Twitter user called PlayerIGN suggesting the new map will have less snow and more go! The old shitty Dino Park will be expanded and renamed to Dinoland which mean absolutely nothing to me…. but ok. Last but not least, Trains and railways… which makes sense obviously, would be stupid to have a train without rails… how would it even get there? Best news is, the Train will be moving! ALLL ABOARD!!!

The game is also adding a new Team Deathmatch mode which should be alot of fun, there is something special about all shooting and no looting. Although that is when the 6.2 update finally launches. Anyways enjoy one of my best Kar98 shots below for a Play of the Week.

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