RAGE 2 - Celebrate The Holidays With Community Events Chaos
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RAGE 2 – Celebrate The Holidays With Community Events Chaos

2019 is coming to an end and the chaotic open world shooter Rage 2 is throwing out some delightfully destructive community challenges to challenge you this holiday season!

Each challenge will kick off on a Friday, so keep an eye on the

Keep an eye on the RAGE Twitter account and the in-game Message of the Day because each challenge is coming straight to your face every Friday. Conplwte the community challenges to unlock fancy new skins to slap on your weapons, making sure you kill in style! Ohh and make sure you’re online and signed in with your Bethesda.net account or high chance you will get diddle squat for your efforts.

Take on the Goon Squad between November 22 – 28 with your Hyper Cannon and you’ll get the ‘Wicked’ Pulse Cannon Skin for your efforts.

RAGE2 WickedPulseCannon

Turn a bunch of goons into a bunch of gips between November 29 – December 5 to get your slippery hands on the Black Widow Shotgun skin.

RAGE2 BlackWidowShotgun

From December 6 – 12 the friendly old Trade Coalition will be looking for a Ranger to help them out. If you are feeling kind enough to help put a stop to the vicious highway robbery by destroying enemy vehicles, you’ll receive the All Hallows Rocket Launcher skin for your troubles.

RAGE2 AllHallowsRocketLauncher

From December 13 – 19 try using the Firestorm Revolver and light some dirty river Hogs up with the rest of their community. If you do this loving gesture the Trade Coalition will set you up with the Red Winter Shotgun skin.

RAGE2 RedWinterShotgun

You want the Party Popper weapon skin? Well from Decmber 20 – 26 try punching some bullets through the faces’ of some naughty Goons. Happy holidays!

RAGE2 PartyPooperRocketLauncher

The 2020 and After Party Rocket Launcher skins can be obtained doing what Rangers do best, get out there and clean up the wasteland however you see fit. Happy New Year from the entire Trade Coalition!

RAGE2 AfterPartyRocketLauncher
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