Rage 2 - global worming event
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RAGE 2 – Global Worming Event

A new Rage 2 Wasteland Challenge is on the horizon, cleverly named Global Worming the three part event will run JUNE 28 to JULY 11.

“What’s that out there on the horizon? Oh shit. Is that a giant worm? You’re goddamn right it is.” Your task, hunt the giant worm down and destroy it.

Completing each of the three phases below, within the allotted time frames will earn you some sweet rewards.

  • Phase One (June 28 – July 1): Drive off the Worm!
    Drive off the Worm in the name of the Trade Coalition and you’ll get 15x Nanotrite Boosters and 15x Life Glands.
  • Phase Two (July 2 – July 4): Drive off the Worm Again!
    The giant nuisance has returned and it’s wreaking havoc. Get rid of it again for 15x Weapon Core Mods and the Apparition Shotgun Skin.
Rage 2 - global worming event
  • Phase Three (July 5 – July 11): Kill the Worm!
    You very clearly told the Worm if it ever came back, you’d have to kill it. Well it’s back, and now you have to kill it and kill it good. Putting it down for good will definitely be worth it, though, because you’ll get the brand-new one-wheeler Armadillo vehicle.

You do not need to complete all three parts of the event in order to get specific rewards either. If you only want the Armadillo, you’ll just need to complete the third phase of the event.

Happy worming ?

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