Rage 2 update bug fixes
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RAGE 2 – Update 2, New Road Map and BUG FIXES!

Now we have meched, used a giant sandworm as a ramp and slaughtered 250,000 River Hogs. We now have second major update to hit RAGE 2, packed with new cheats, bug fixes, new game modes and a whole bunch more.

Along with the update comes new roadmap with insight on whats coming next – including the launch of the first major expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, in September.

Rage 2 - update 2, new road map and bug fixes!


New Game + is something a lot of players have requested. The team at Avalanche has gone all out for it. When you finish the Project Dagger storyline and complete all of the Arks, you’ll be able to load up New Game +. “This will carry over all your weapons, abilities, upgrades, and vehicles, and there will be a little surprise waiting for you when you revisit the Arks in your new playthrough. (Spoiler alert: It’s awesome skins for your weapons.) In addition, you’ll gain prestige badges when you play through the game multiple times, and the difficulty will increase with each additional playthrough.”


In addition update 2 will have Ultra Nightmare difficulty “crazy hard” and Ironman Mode were using your Defibrillator doesn’t count as dying!

Rage 2 - update 2, new road map and bug fixes!


  • Dash Ragdoll: Become even more of a living weapon with the Dash Ragdoll Cheat. When you hit Dash you’ll lose all control of your limbs, literally transforming you into a ragdoll as your hurtle toward unsuspecting (and rightfully confused) enemies, instantly killing anyone in your path.
  • Super Knockback: You know in anime when the hero punches someone and they fly off into the stratosphere? That could be you with the Super Knockback Cheat. All your melee strikes are amplified to the nth degree so just wind up and watch your enemies fly.
  • BJ Blazkowicz Voice Pack: Bring a little Wolfenstein to your RAGE 2 playthrough with the BJ Blazkowicz Voice Pack.


  • Pop-up notifications no longer pause the game
  • Camera Deadzone slider adjustment added to controller options
  • Flashlight added for navigating dark areas (hold Focus to activate)
  • You can now skip Aunt Prowley’s dialog in the opening mission
  • Added an option to disable Ark tutorials
  • Tracking projects now shows progress on HUD
  • New options to turn off Damage and Kill notifications on crosshair
  • “You Call That a Wingstick?” and TV Fatal voice packs auto-granted after Bethesda.net account link (previously required buying from Wasteland Wizard)
Rage 2 - update 2, new road map and bug fixes!


  • ChazCar vehicle no longer misaligns Walker through the chassis when at an angle
  • Fixed an issue where you could not fast travel to Kvasir’s lab when there was an objective marker on the location
  • Fixed an issue where combat music did not play correctly when playing through “The Ranger” mission
  • Fixed an issue where the Prowley hologram subtitles did not match VO dialog in Japanese
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck attempting to access Authority HQ prior to Project Dagger
  • Fixed an issue where bullet decals and blood stopped appearing in the game world after long fights
  • Fixed an issue where the game may freeze while navigating the Phoenix weapon upgrades menu
  • Player is no longer able to drive vehicles into the Ruined Shaft crusher nest
  • Shop vendor VO no longer overlaps with itself
  • Opening storage containers now correctly plays sound effects
  • Breaking wooden barricades no longer leaves floating spikes behind
  • Added two log entries for Bridge of Ned
  • Mutie explosion sound effects no longer play when the player turns off all sounds
  • Prowley’s VO no longer plays twice in the presidio

Great to see the team at Avalanche listing to the community and making some positive changes. See you in the updated Wasteland.

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