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Ragnorium: Planet Recolonization Odyssey Early Access Launch

Developer Vitali Kirpu (Pixel Piracy) and publisher Devolver Digital have released Ragnorium, a challenging ‘planet recolonization simulator’ that’s previously only been accessible through a direct link and not searchable on Steam, Ragnorium is now available publicly on Steam Early Access.

Ragnorium tasks players with leading a small group of cloned colonists on their pioneering journey into the harsh outer reaches of space, building a self-sustaining society while attempting to survive an oncoming Holy Crusade.

The launch marks the beginning of a content road map that will include more colonist types, planet maps, items, resources, characters and boss encounters.

The Steam Early Access launch will introduce players to the base game loop of creating cloned colonists, preparing the dropships with cargo, and building out a base-level colony with a wide variety of materials and equipment from the first era of technology. Developer Pixel Piracy, over time, will add new eras of technology, bringing new materials and equipment into the fold.

Discover more about Ragnorium at ragnorium.com and follow @ragnorium on Twitter for more.

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