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Rainbow Six Ember Rise Gadgets are revealed in Trailer

Ubisoft today have released a fresh teaser in the lead up Year 4 Season 3 called Operation Ember Rise. In the teaser video below you can check out the new gadgets coming to Rainbow Six Siege for the new operators to use.

Not really surprised, they were already leaked and rumored but here we get a cool video of the grappling hook and exploding shield.

The grappling hook or “Garra Hook” belongs to operator Amaru which will be used for quick breaching through windows although I am not sure this is the best for Siege’s gameplay.

The exploding shield called “Volcan Shield” appears to have a flammable gas tank strapped to the back of it which causes a big explosion when shot. We will get the full reveal during Raleigh Major Finals on August 18 so stay tuned.

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