Rainbow six operation shadow legacy
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Rainbow Six Operation Shadow Legacy

Rainbow Six Operation Shadow Legacy

Ubisoft today dished the dirt on the third season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 with Operation Shadow Legacy. The new Operation introduces the newest operator and a familiar face for Tom Clancey lovers; Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher from Splinter Cell. Players will also get an entirely reworked Chalet map and additional gameplay features, check out the trailer below.

Sam Fisher is the first and only Operater being introduced in Operation Shadow Legacy and brings with him a new gadget, the Argus Launcher, a two-way drill camera. The cameras can be fired into soft or reinforced walls, windows, and hatches or stick to any surface and allow the attacker to view either side of the surface it has burrowed into. Sam Fisher also rocked up with his own unique weaponry, the SC3000K & the Karambit for those close and intimate times.

The Chalet map has also been newly reworked improving the first and second floors, and the roof is now traversable which is something that I said should of been in the map since day one. Objectives have been a big focus of the rework, with a hallway added to improve rotation in the Basement, and the Trophy site has been switched for a new one in Dining.

A few more additional game updates include:

  • Ping 2.0
  • Map Ban
  • New secondary gadget: the Hard Breach Charge
  • New Optics and Sights Colors
  • New Reinforcement Pool

For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out our previous coverage.

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