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Rainbow Six Siege confirm Tachanka Rework

It appears that the old season one operator Tachanka is in for a re-work and in a big way. They have already tried to buff him in the past, putting a shield around his mounted machine gun, but unfortunately, old Lord Tachanka is still a complete Russian spud. In Year 5 though Lord Tachanka will once again rise to the top (he was never there) and become a dominate force in the R6 operators rotation.

Announced today at the Six Invitational tournament, Ubisoft and the team at R6 shared the good news of the the rework of what I would say is one of the worst operators in the game… just after the walking shitcunt brick wall that is Montagne ofcourse. This is all part of “Operation Rework” a project that the team said will take a look at overhauling a few players, starting with Tachanka himself.

First up, Tachanka has ditched his mounted LMG, well actually, he only ditched the mount. This means, Lord Tachanka is free to roam with the devastating power of the dinner plate LMG in his hands. But that’s not the best part, you see if that was his special and now it’s normal, then what is Lord Tachanka’s special now? how about a fucking grenade launcher? and when the grenades land they burst into fire and flames, yep… that’ll work!

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One

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