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Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.2 live and brings Clash back to the roster

Ubisoft today released the latest update 4.2 for it’s 5v5 competitive shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. This patch focuses more on minor changes, tweaks and bugs. Although the major one would have to be fixing the Clash glitch. As if it wasn’t hard enough trying to figure out how to kill this annoying operator, let alone allowing her to have a gun out at the same time as her shield. This latest update sees the return of Clash to the roster since the glitch was discovered. Below you can get a scoop of details that the update has fixed or for a full rundown on the patch check out the patch notes on Reddit.


FIXED – Clash exploit

The Clash exploit is fixed with this patch and we will be re-enabling her on live for each platform as 4.2 goes out. Thank you for your patience and understanding over the holiday period!


FIXED – Hostage can be shot and damaged through both reinforced and unbreakable walls when placed too close to either.

FIXED – Some thin fragile map props are not properly destroyed when hit by projectiles and other minor prop destruction issues on maps

FIXED – Operator hitboxes can clip through reinforced walls and be shot.


FIXED – Goyo’s Volcán can be destroyed and detonates when a reinforcement destroys it from the other side of the wall.

FIXED – Deploying a Mira Black Mirror next to a Volcán Shield placed too close to the wall can trigger the Volcán explosion from the other side of the wall.

Now Goyo’s Volcán will just be destroyed without exploding and spreading fire, destruction, and RFF.

FIXED – Volcán’s explosive canister and shell will sometimes remain floating after an Ash breaching round or Mira mirror is deployed close to it.

FIXED – Jackal can scan footprints from the disruption radius of a Mute Jammer if he begins scanning while outside the jammer area.

FIXED – Wamai’s Mag-Net will still draw and catch projectiles even after the destruction of the surface it is on and will detonate them in mid-air even as it is falling.

FIXED – Players can sometimes escape Frost traps if Finka’s Adrenaline Surge is used under certain conditions.

FIXED – Mira can deploy her Black Mirror through a reinforced wall under certain conditions.

FIXED – Once Lion’s scan is finished, Lion’s debuff icon sometimes re-appears for a few frames for tagged players.

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