Rainbow six siege - showdown event live now
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Howdy Partners! Grab your favorite posse, saddle up your dang horse and load up that six shooter, because Rainbow Six is headed to the wild west. Ubisoft today surprised their fans with a new limited timed mode event, the Showdown mode alongside a new map, Fort Truth.

Running until July 16 make sure you make your presence known on this dusty frontier, because quite frankly, this map ain’t big enough for the 2 of us. Best news is everyone who plays during the event will get a free Showdown Collection pack just for signing in.

Every timed event comes new Collection packs themed to the event that reward players with headgear, uniforms, and weapon skins matching so your posse can be looking ace-high.

The rules of showdown are straight forward, 3v3 battles to secure the area, with each round going for 90 seconds. No preparation phase, defenders cant reinforce and attackers can’t scout with their drones.

All operators will have the same darn weapons in their holsters, the BOSG.12.2 shotgun and a Magnum LFP586 revolver. Make sure you head down to your local saloon to wet your whistle before you load that pistol partner.

Rainbow six siege - showdown event live now

The available Operators for Showdown are split into two posses with The Law attackers being Ash, Capitão, Glaz, Maverick and Twitch. The defenders The Graveltop Gang will included Alibi, Caveira, Maestro, Kaid and Rook.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Showdown ends on July 16. With the new season, Operation Phantom Sight, underway. Check out our previous Rainbow Six Siege coverage for more.

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