Rainbow six siege years 5 and 6 plans revealed
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Rainbow Six Siege Years 5 and 6 Plans Revealed

The team at Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege just dropped their plans for the next 2 years of development during the Six Invitational and it’s showing some serious gameplay updates, map overhauls, new events and operator reworks starting with Lord Tachanka!

The first couple of seasons don’t expect any changes and things will flow as normal, 2 new operators and a map rework. After that however expect things to get a little more spicy with each new season one new Operator, a map rework, a limited-time event, a new Battle Pass and major gameplay updates.

The major gameplay changes coming will include adding more secondary gadgets for all Operators, a smart ping system designed to improve communication for those nubs that don’t use voice chat, a map ban option and a new Reputation system that will reward you for being good and punish you if your being a tossbag!

Rainbow six siege years 5 and 6 plans revealed
Rainbow six siege years 5 and 6 plans revealed 1

Weekend-only Arcade Playlists are coming as well, beginning with Golden Gun in Operation Void Edge, and with more on its way for Year 5, Season 3. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and UPLAY+.

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