Rainbow six siege australian operatives and year 4 roadmap
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Rainbow Six Siege Australian Operatives And Year 4 Roadmap

Operation Blunt Horizon is on its way to PS4, Xbox and PC soon and Ubisoft have finally revealed all the details. Year 4 season 1 will bring 2 new Australian operators, Mozzie and Gridlock, as well as a new dusty service station map named Outback.


Gridlock has gadgets called Trax Stingers, Throwable spike clusters that slow and damage the enemy. Her weapons include the F90 assault, M249 LMG and the Super Shotty. Her Armour is 3 and her speed is 1, so would be best put to use holding position and not roaming.

Mozzie, has 3 deployable Pest devices, which will automatically hack enemy drones that enter its radius. Including the Twitch drone. His weapons include the AR9 assault or the R10 Ronie machine pistol as well as the Super Shotty. His armor is 2 and speed is 2, so leaves him as a balanced operative.

Friendly fire is being reworked and those that deal damage to friendly players, will in return, feel the damage themselves.

A few maps are being reworked including Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal and Theme Park. Operators will also be buffed and Nerfed as well as some gadgets. See the proper full road map here.

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