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Rainbow Six Sieges next operators leaked

Rainbow Six Sieges next operators leaked

Season 5 of Rainbow Six Siege is well under way with season 2 about to kick off in full swing, but now we are getting information about seasons 3 and 4 flooding in. A leaker named Kormora on Reddit says the attacker has a camera that can drill in and see through walls. He also points to the attacker bearing a lot in common with Sam Fisher from Splinter cell!

You can check out the video below that was posted on Youtube by Gamer Felonies, but I must warn you, the video is terrible with one person stating that “If coronavirus was a youtube video” and another stating the they must have used their headset to record it… either way, it’s f**king awful! Enjoy…

All I could really decipher from this monstrosity was, there will be a splinter cell type operator with a drill camera and a Season 4 defender called Aruni that has some robotic arm and rumor has it, uses a bloody laser to help gain an advantage.

Either way, this could all just be fake with smoke and no fire, so please take this with a grain of salt. Would of been nice though if they held the camera still for more than 1 seconds and didn’t give me a F*king seizure!

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