Razer announce the viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse
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Razer Announce The Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse

How can you improve on one of the most dominant mouses in Esports? – Make it wireless? or an innovative new sensor? Well, Razer have done both by announcing the newest addition to its Viper family – The Viper Ultimate.

Razer announce the viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse

“The Razer Viper Ultimate is the answer to the needs of Team Razer’s best esports athletes who want to go wireless”, said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit. “We pushed the boundaries of wireless, integrated Razer Optical Switches and added an intelligent sensor – all in a highly durable, lightweight design, tested and validated by professional esports athletes.”

Professional gamers demand performance and cutting-edge technology, so it’s no surprise that perhaps best describes the Viper Ultimate. This untethered version of Razer’s fastest Esport mouse is not a marketing gimmick, there’s some serious innovative tech and features packed into this mouse including Razer’s new HyperSpeed Wireless Technology, intelligent Focus+ Optical Sensor, Razer Optical Switches, and a lightweight design that weighs only 74 grams.

Razer announce the viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse

Razer’s new HyperSpeed wireless technology is the fastest, most stable wireless technology available. The Viper Ultimate is able to register the lowest click latency and fastest transmission speed of any wireless mouse, this has been tested and confirmed by TUV SUD PSB – a globally recognized certification institute, and the results speak for themselves – Razer’s Hyperspeed technology is 25% faster than other leading wireless gaming mice.

One constant criticism of wireless technology is interference. This is where the improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping of HyperSpeed technology is able to assist. Adaptive Frequency Hopping constantly scans frequency channels for interference and seamlessly switches channels in real-time, allowing for a lag-free wireless experience without compromising on performance.

Razer announce the viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse

As impressive as Razer’s HyperSpeed performance is, power consumption is also at the forefront of this technology. The Viper Ultimate can provide up to 70 hours of uninterrupted gameplay before requiring to be recharged. Think of it this way, you’ll be able to game for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week before needing to charge the mouse.

Let’s talk about my favorite addition to the Viper Ultimate, the new Focus+ Optical Sensor. This innovative sensor is the result of a collaboration between Razer and Pixart, and introduces intelligent features such as Smart Tracking, Asymmetric Lift-Off, and Motion-Sync. Combine this with 99.6% resolution accuracy, 20,000 DPI sensitivity, and 650 IPS tracking speed, and you got one of the most powerful sensors in the industry. With all this leading-edge technology combined into one mouse, the Razer Viper Ultimate simply shares no equal.

Razer announce the viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse

The Viper Ultimate is available November 1 2019 for $149USD ($259.95AUD). To read more about Razer’s latest mouse click here.

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