Razer unleashes the junglecat
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Razer unleashes The Junglecat

Razer have released what can only be described as a Nintendo Switch for Android Phones. That’s right. The Razer Junglecat transforms your Android Phone into a mobile gaming platform by connecting a dual-sided gaming controller straight to your phone. Or, if you prefer, connect the controllers via Bluetooth to your Desktop PC and use the Junglecat as a controller. Either way, Razer’s Junglecat ensure that mobile games are no longer hindered by on-screen buttons that block half the screen!

“Mobile gaming is hampered by players having to put their fingers on the screen to control the actions,” says Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s peripherals business unit. “The Razer Junglecat improves the mobile gaming experience substantially with two feature-rich controllers, giving players an unobstructed view of the action and easy access to game features without interrupting play.”

The Razer Junglecat addresses the biggest issue with gaming on a mobile phone- on-screen buttons. The Junglecat features twin analog thumbsticks with bumper buttons on each side, a 4-way d-pad whilst and 4 face-buttons that is far superior than your typical on-screen buttons. This allows for precision gaming that can finally deliver a immersive experience to Android gaming.

Razer unleashes the junglecat
Razer unleashes the junglecat 1

As you can see, the Razer Junglecat features two different gaming modes. Mobile play transforms your Android phone into a mobile gaming device by attaching one or both controllers to the included smartphone case. Or if you prefer, connect the controllers to controller grip, creating a handheld controller that can be used with other Android smartphones or tablets. The other mode is a more traditional desktop mode. This allows you to pair the Junglecat with compatible Windows PCs, along with Android Phones.

Razer unleashes the junglecat
Razer unleashes the junglecat 2

Both modes are quite energy friendly, thanks largely to Bluetooth Low Energy technology that ensures gamers will get over 100 hours of gaming out of a full-charge. While the Razer Gamepad app allows users to tweak everything from thumbstick sensitivity to button mapping, ensuring gamers no longer have to rely on on-screen controls and fixed button mapping.

The Razer Junglecat is out for $167.95AUD. For more information head over to Razer’s website here.

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