Red dwarf is back in 2020 with a feature-length movie special
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Red Dwarf is back in 2020 with a feature-length movie special

Oh, spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska – The boys from the Dwarf are BACK! The official Red Dwarf website has confirmed that the original posse of Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn, will return to Dave in 2020 for first ever feature-length special, how smegging good is that!

The boys are obviously ecstatic to continue Lister’s journey back to Earth. “I’m really excited to get back on board with the boys from the Dwarf,” says Craig Charles (Lister). “I can’t wait to discuss Robert’s (Kryten) prostate problems, Chris Barrie’s (Rimmer) hip replacement and have a proper look at Danny’s (Cat) new dentures whilst they marvel at the agelessness of the Charles physique.”

A Red Dwarf movie has been rumored since 1999, when Red Dwarf’s original run of 8 seasons appeared to be over. Despite numerous times when a movie adaptation gained momentum, co-creator Doug Naylor has never been able to get the project off the ground with funding the usual culprit. Recently, Danny cheekily commented that he has “reunited with his Red Dwarf co-stars in London”, but that he’s “not allowed to say a damn word about what we’re doing”.

Red dwarf is back in 2020 with a feature-length movie special
The boys have never looked better

Red Dwarf’s feature-length special will be written and directed by Doug Naylor, with Baby Cow Productions handling the producing side of things. As expected, the Red Dwarf special will be filmed front of a live studio audience at Pinewood Studios on Friday 6th and Friday 13th December. For all you lucky smeggers in London, head over to Lost in TV to get your tickets.

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