Red dwarf: the promised land feature length episode coming soon
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Red Dwarf: The Promised Land Feature Length Episode Coming Soon

Listen up smeg heads; I first posted about a Red Dwarf special back in October where it was announced that recording in front of a live audience would commence in December. Well, it has now been confirmed that the 90-minute feature episode will be called The Promise Land and will see the gang encounter a very familiar species…

Three million years ago… David Lister, a vending machine repairman, was sentenced to eighteen months in suspended animation for smuggling his pregnant cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. While Lister remained in stasis, a radiation leak killed the rest of the crew. Safely sealed in the hold, the cats evolved into humanoid form. The cats now roam deep space in a fleet of their own…

The special will see the posse meet three cat clerics (Tom Bennett, Mandeep Dhillon, Lucy Pearman) who worship Lister as their God. Lister vows to help them as they’re being hunted by Rodon, the ruthless feral cat leader (Ray Fearon) who has vowed to wipe out all cats who worship anyone but him.

No official release date has been confirmed other than ‘coming soon’, which is more annoying that Space Corp Directive 34124.

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