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Resident Evil 2 add-on lets you skip tough stuff

A new In-game rewards unlock item can let you get your hands on all of the extra bells and whistles, without the having to beat the hard challenges. So basically for $4.99 you can unlock the Operative Hunk and STARS member Tofu, along with the extra scenarios, the infinite bonus weapons, in-game concept art / games models and all available costumes.

Resident evil 2 add-on lets you skip tough stuff

However, all these items can be unlocked in game but require you to pass certain challenges, with the hardest being a speed run of the game on the hardest difficulty. So, if you are anything like me… extremely lazy and running out of controls to break… well Capcom… Shut up and take my money.

Resident Evil 2’s in-game rewards unlock is available from the PlayStation Store, Steam, and Xbox Games Store

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