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Roccat Announce Vulcan Pro, Vulcan TKL Pro, and Titan Optical Switches

Roccat has boosted its already impressive Vulcan range of gaming keyboards with the inclusion of three new keyboards, the Vulcan Pro, Vulcan TKL Pro, and Vulcan TKL. Along with revealing the all-new Titan Optical Switch being an impressive 40 times faster than traditional mechanical switches to further compliment their range of award-winning keyboards.

Our Vulcan series keyboards are already a big success for ROCCAT, so naturally we’re thrilled to add TKL versions as well as introduce our Titan Optical Switch technology for an even faster competitive edge,” said Rene Korte, General Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach.

Since 2018, the Vulcan range of mechanical keyboards has set a new standard for mechanical gaming keyboards with its evolution of mechanical switches. The original Vulcan mechanical keyboard featured the Titan Tactile Switch, Roccat followed this up with the Titan Speed Switch in 2019 and today have announced the next evolution in their Titan Switches with the Titan Optical Switch.

Two years ago, we introduced the first Vulcan featuring our own unique Titan Tactile Switch, followed by the faster Titan Speed Switch. The new Vulcan Pro models with the Titan Optical Switch gives gamers an even faster option, and sometimes that’s all that matters when you’re playing for the title.”

The Titan Optical Switch replaces traditional mechanical components with light, so to speak. The mechanical feedback is still there but its actuation mechanics is replaced with a lightbeam of light that provides a reaction time of up to 40 times faster than classic mechanical switches, along with the increased durability of 100 million keystrokes.

The Vulcan Pro is Roccat’s new flagship keyboard thanks to its all-new Titan Optical Switch. The Vulcan Pro remains loyal to the gorgeous design of the Vulcan 120 that Jimmy labels as a top contender for the best keyboard on the market in his review.

The Vulcan TKL Pro is a tenkeyless version of the Vulcan Pro that is sure to attract gamers who require a smaller footprint. And finally, the Vulcan TKL is a tenkeyless version of the full-sized Vulcan mechanical keyboard and available in both Titan Switch Tactile and Titan Switch Linear.

All three Vulcan keyboards will be availabe in Australia from October 30, 2020, with the Titan at $329.95 AUD, Vulcan TKL Pro priced at $239.95 AUD, and $209.95 AUD for the Vulcan TKL.

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