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Rocket League Is Boosting Back to the 80’S

Epic Games seems to be having a influence now that they own Psyonix, for Rocket League is now getting a few limited time game modes heading to it soon. And as you can tell by the video below, 80’s seems to be the theme that will take the spotlight.

So as it stands, June 10 we will be paying honor to the legend of 80’s movies, a Ghostbusters theme will be blazing up the arena. There will also be a premium DLC pack up for grabs. On July 1 we will see more of a focus on the style of the time… yep… wearing spiked clothing used to be all the rage back then. Finally on July 22 we will be taking on the form of the classic Knight Rider car KITT. This will be accompanied by a new game mode of beach volleyball.

As with every event on Rocket League there will be more cosmetic available for grabs items including a Karate Kid decal, a Goonies topper, a pair of Back to the Future toppers and Ghostbusters wheels.

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