Rune ii available for pre-order!
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Pre-orders are now open for the upcoming title from Human Head Studios RUNE II all warriors who make the purchase now will gain access to the Deathmatch beta. Warriors who pre-order will receive exclusive weapons, armor, maps, the game’s soundtrack and access to the Deathmatch beta from July 18 – July 20. Will you make it out of Ragnarok alive?

If it’s a viking a warrior wishes to be, you must drink mead, make friends, kill enemies, eat lizards and check out video above on ‘How to Become a Viking!’

The Deathmatch beta for RUNE II will run everyday from July 18 to 20. July 18 and 19 will run from 2pm – 8pm while July 20 will run from 9am – 3pm. The deathmatch will be a fast paced killfest. Kill your friends, kill your enemies and maybe even kill you grandma’s favorite pet goldfish… whatever… just kill things! Warriors will have a variety of different weapons such as swords, spears, axes, war hammers, and hell even grab the limbs of a fallen foe and smash your way to victory. Along with devine chests to be unlocked (Loot Drops) which will contain special rewards. With consumable runes that grant you godly powers like the ability to call down Mjolnir’s lightning or a short teleport behind your opponents

Rune ii available for pre-order!

Preorder to get the Warrior Pack for $29.99, Berserker Rage for $39.99 or God Slayer for $59.99. RUNE II will be launching to the Epic Game Store in 2019. For any other information on RUNE II, go to

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