Rust - multiplayer survival hits consoles next year!

Rust – Multiplayer survival hits consoles next year!

Announced at Microsoft’s X019 in London, Facepunch and Double Team have teamed up to bring Rust to consoles in 2020. Rust, one of the most successful, brutal and competitive multiplayer survival games ever created, is making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you are like me and have spent many of hours greifing every base in you neighborhood you will no doubt be excited for this!

Since Rust’s initial launch into Steam Early Access in 2013, almost eight million fans have populated its world and I can assure you it is amazing… unforgiving but amazing. There is a huge map to explore and build in, weapons, crafts, friends and more likely, enemies! So grab your rad suit, it’s time to explore. Maybe even check out below the time I had to prove to my own team who the Alpha of the pack is. Haha

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