Satisfactory releases first major update
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Satisfactory releases first major update

Everyone’s favorite first-person factory building sim- Satisfactory, have released its first major update that includes a host of new features. Developer Coffee Stain Studios have even been kind enough to release a video explaining the update and as always, have included plenty of humor in the video. Go have a look below.

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For those old people with glasses who prefer to read, you’re welcome.

• Quarts and Sulfur milestones and research chains – opens up a host of new possibilities concerning exploration and equipment for your Pioneer.
• Conveyor Lifts – vertically transfer items from one conveyor belt to another. No more overly complicated, inefficient and messy conveyor belt spirals.
• The Explorer – high-speed vehicle, the Explorer is outfitted with cutting edge tire technology that allows it to scale virtually vertical surfaces.
• Nobelisk detonator – redesign the planetary landscape and expose valuable resources.
• Ingame Map – enjoy revealing the game map via exploration and the Radar Tower.
• RIFLE MK1 – no alien life will survive an encounter, not now that you’ve got access to the brand-new actually-intended-to-kill-stuff FICSIT rifle.
• Tool belt – Hold multiple items at once that you can switch between with ease.

Satisfactory releases first major update

For the compete patch notes, click here to have a read.

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