Save- officially joins virtus. Pro
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Save- officially joins

After initially joining Virtus.rop as a stand-in, VP have confirmed that Vitaliy “Save-” Melnik is officially a member of their roster after securing a transfer from Winstrike.

“I’m glad I managed to meet my teammates’ expectations. I will keep improving my game further, learning new things and doing my best for overall success. Thanks to everyone for believing in me!” Save- told the official VP website regarding his contact.

There’s been no official word on VP’s other stand-in- epileptick1d, but I’m sure we will hear something soon as VP will be looking to confirm their roster ahead of the first major of the DPC season.

VP didn’t have the greatest start to ESL One Hamburg, but as the tournament progressed they began to build continuity before eventually falling to Alliance in the lower bracket. Save- looked right at home in the position 4, so much so that VP decided to make him a full time member.

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