Sccc and fade join team aster
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Sccc and Fade join Team Aster

Time for some Chinese Dota rumors and news. Despite retiring from Dota only 2 weeks ago, Fade has been confirmed as Team Aster’s new support, joining former Newbee star Sccc as the marque signings for Team Aster.

Sccc and fade join team aster
  1. Sccc
  2. ChYuan
  3. Xxs
  4. BoBoKa
  5. Fade

After a disappointing TI9 run Fade announced his retirement from Dota, sighting that the drama involved was becoming too much. It seems that Fade’s retirement was slightly premature as the Chinese star recently announced that he is joining Team Aster as their new position 5. What drama was Fade referring to? Well, let’s take a step back to TI9. RNG were accused of contacting Fade during the event about a potential move to their organization, which of course RNG have denied. This prompted VG to not only apologize to RNG for the accusation, but also for a please explain from Fade regarding these rumors. To add fuel to the fire, once RNG were eliminated Fade decided to console Monet, denying any wrong-doing as Fade and Monet are good friends. Once VG’s TI9 run ended Fade admitted that his actions weren’t professional and announced his retirement from Dota, along with an explanation and an apology to VG and his fans. Fast forward 2 weeks and Fade has announced that he is not only back, but has joined Team Aster as their new position 5. Fade confirmed this news on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and compared his changed of mind as like ‘switching power treads’.

Following a disappointing DPC season, former Chinese prodigy Sccc announced that he had left Newbee and would be taking a year off from Dota. Well, 4 days is along time in Dota as Sccc announced that he has joined Team Aster as one of the biggest free agent signings in Chinese Dota. Sccc will also see a change in his role, moving away from pattern mid lane and taking up the role as Team Aster’s carry. Instead, Team Aster’s mid laner will be ChYuan. ChYuan joined Aster back in April on a trial basis and has impressed the right people during his stint to retain his spot. Rounding off the team are ex-Invictus Gaming duo Xxs and BoBoKa, proving that Team Aster’s line up is not short of talent in any position.

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