Secret neighbor easter alpha is live!
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Secret Neighbor Easter Alpha is live!

Is there a better way to spend your Easter long week than to sneak into your neighbor’s house and explore the secrets of their basement? Clearly developer tinyBuild don’t think, as from April 19 to April 30 you’ll have the chance to experience this for yourself (well, I hope this is your first time…).

Lets face it, we’ve all tried to break into our neighbor’s basement once or twice…

This closed Easter Alpha is focused on delivering more depth to gameplay and strategy. This is largely due to the addition of a class system. They’re 6 classes; Leader, Scout, Detective, Baggy, Inventor and Brave. Each class is designed to add a new layer of strategy and create havoc, rather than running around trying to avoid detection. The Easter Alpha also includes support for private lobbies, this allows friends to set up lobbies to work on their strategies or just experience the new classes before heading into the real virtual world of Secret Neighbor.

Secret neighbor easter alpha is live!
Which one are you?

If you’re new to Secret Neighbor, the concept is quite simple- Sneak into your neighbors basement to discover what exactly he’s hiding in there. Well, it’s slightly more complex than that. Let me explain, 6 players team together to collect keys throughout the house, these keys are procedurally generated around the house. Collect all the keys and you’ll unlock the basement. Here’s the kicker, one of the 6 players is actually the Neighbor in disguise. The Neighbor’s goal is the gain the trust of his team and eventually, take them out one by one!

As this is a closed Alpha, you will need to sign up for access. You can sign up here on the Secret Neighbor website. If you’re a dedicated snoop, your Christmas Alpha key will still work. For the rest of you, MEF TECH are lucky enough to have some extra Easter Alpha keys to give away. Send us a message via our website or Facebook and they’re yours!

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